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How to Get Free Diamonds In Free Fire?

Same as other major Battle Royal games Garena Free Fire have It’s valuable currency in the form of Free Fire Diamonds which allows you to purchase a wide range of high quality skins and outfits for your character, items of clothing, vehicles, weapons, and more.

While you can get the precious Garena Free Fire diamond for free by participating in events, I’ts a long process and the amount you get is often far lower than from other sources, and if you are like most of players out there who don’t wanna waste their money buying Free Fire Diamonds from the shop,

Then our website is your last resort and final solution for getting Free Fire Free Diamond legitimately and without any Free Fire Hack or glitching.

What are the steps to get Free Fire Free Diamond on our website


The first and simple step one is to link your Garena Free Fire account with our servers, To do that all you need is your Free Fire account ID. No password or any personal information will be required.


After linking your account and you’re successfully connected to our Free Fire Diamonds generator servers, You must choose the platform you play on and the Free Fire Free Diamond pack you want to get.


This is the last and most important step to keep our servers clean and our sponsors happy, Upon linking your account and choosing your platform and the Free Diamonds in Free Fire that you want, You will be asked to pass a short 30 seconds verification to unlock your Free Diamonds reward.

Why you should use our website to get Free Diamond in Free Fire

100% Unlimited

With our website you will get 100% Free Fire Diamonds, Legit and  real Free Diamonds in Free Fire, Thanks to our sponsors and contributors. our website does not use any Free Fire Hacks or Glitches. All the Free Fire Free Diamond you will get are totally real and safe

 %100 Fast

One of the best qualities that distinguish us from other website is how fast we process information and deliver Free Diamonds in Free Fire to your account in a matter in minutes if not seconds, depending on how busy our servers

100٪ Safe


Keeping your Free Fire account safe is one of our priorities, Our website was made taking into consideration the highest security measures possible to keep our users information safe. Thus, the only thing we need from you is your Garena Free Fire ID

Don’t hesitate, Take your chance and get unlimited Free Diamonds in Free Fire today. All you need is your Garena Free Fire ID and you are ready to go.

Be a winner today, Get Free Diamonds and buy all Skins, outfits, weapons and unlock all game passes today.

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